Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mystery of James Island's Apple Charter School's Demise

The Charleston County School Board put the final nail in the coffin of Apple Charter School on James Island this week. Due to financial problems, missed educational goals, and low enrollment, the School's board of directors agreed to close the school this month. Only about 70 students are presently enrolled.

Don't you wonder what happened? Surely the local paper must be curious. Why so few students? Why so much debt? The organizers had hoped to assist those who were not doing well in the other public schools.

Maybe if we had some sense of what went wrong, such upheaval could be prevented in the future, but, let's face it, the Post and Courier has no interest.

Too busy cheerleading for the district.


Anonymous said...

They had over 100 students the first year but hired few staff. They gave books to the students to keep that were to be used every year. They hired friends and others without proven track records. The students coming from the school reported very little work, falling further behind, and cold food. They added middle grades to keep upcoming 5th graders without realizing the cost or having enough students.

Babbie said...

Since CCSD was so resistant to approving charter schools, how did this one win approval?