Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Common Core Proponents Rejoice over Spending Surge

The latest edition of Education Week, cheerleader for the Common Core, touts the surge in spending that has already begun.

According to the reporter,
The market for testing products and services is booming and could continue to surge over the next few years, according to industry analysts and company officials, who say that growth is being fueled by the shift toward common-core tests across states and the use of new classroom assessments designed to provide timely and precise feedback for teachers and students.
Guaranteed to go the way of the open classroom, new math, etc., after millions have been spent, and coming to a district near you!

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Anonymous said...

The standards are already being taught this year. New curriculum was purchased already and new testing. New everything.
The district had PD days before school as well.
If this is canceled all that will be lost too.