Tuesday, October 29, 2013

CCSD Board Members' Sour Grapes over Lowcountry Leadership Charter

If for some reason the state inspection of new and renovated facilities for the Lowcountry Leadership Charter School finds construction problems, four members of the Charleston County School Board want to throw its 400 students into the snow. Well, not into the snow; in Hollywood that would be into the sand.

The mean-spirited message sent by members Coats, Ascue, Collins, and Miller is typical of those who see a racist under every proposal they didn't make themselves. Here all the school wants is to remain in the same place from month to month until its own building is ready. And it pays rent that would revert to $0 if the building is unused. Revenue from this lease even goes to other Hollywood schools.

The situation is too reminiscent of the old jingle used by the John Birchers to defeat fluoridation of water: "It's all a Commie [insert racist here] plot, you see, / To get us internally."


Pluff Mudd said...

If the $150 a square foot the district is getting off the temporary lease of this vacant building and a significant number of the board members care only about the policial value of the tenant, then no wonder the board doesn't have any interest in an audit of the school district's finances. BTW, CCSD advertised this same vacant school for rent in 2012 for $3 a square foot.

Clisby said...

Does this school actually have 400 students? I guess it's possible, but hard to believe.