Sunday, October 20, 2013

CCSD's McGinley's Tunnel-Vision Diversity

Really, it's a hoot to see our local rag touting the push for diversity within Charleston County's magnet schools. Under the leadership of Superintendent McGinley the district has become almost as segregated as it was prior to consolidation and desegregation. Someone needs to confront her with the facts, but apparently the reporter is unwilling to do so.

The reality is that Buist Academy, with 21 percent non-white, is the most integrated school on the peninsula barring the Charter School for Math and Science, of course! And the School of the Arts with its 23 percent nonwhite is more integrated than any other high school in the district.

You might say McGinley's putting the emphasis on the wrong syl-LA-ble.

How about considering upping diversity at the Military Magnet? What about Charleston Progressive?

The district remains silent on integrating these magnet programs, and the reporter follows suit.

One point made about the School of the Arts is that students at Corcoran Elementary, another de facto segregated school, didn't know about its programs. McGinley has been in a position for years, first as chief academic officer and then as superintendent, to tell them, so she's responsible for their ignorance.

Someday the newspaper will stop shilling for the district. Someday.


Alex Peronneau said...

Nancy McGinley has been in a position to do something positive here for at least 9 years, to be exact. For almost a decade she's done nothing but work on her personal report card. Look at her total record. Don’t just look at what she chooses to highlight, most of which is out of context. She does a pretty good job of manipulating her story, but she’s done almost nothing to improve what’s taught in the county’s most needy classrooms.

The reporter's figures are not exactly accurate. References to 21 and 23 percent "non-white" includes all "minorities" and those not declaring a racial catagory. African-American students often comprise less than half the "non-white" students at these named high-demand magnet schools where "white" students make up about 80 percent of the total enrollment. That would leave only about 10 to 12 percent of the total enrollment at these schools representing African-Americans.

Because the reporter didn’t go further, the reader can only assume that out of a total of 450 students at Buist (and wasn’t it built for over 500), only about 45 students admitted to that exclusive magnet school are black. Under the school’s former principal it was even less. So much for CCSD's commitment to the magnet schools attracting diverse admissions.

Why aren't all schools in Charleston County offering these kinds of advanced academic programs? Why do we need to offer the best programs to only those lucky enough to get into one of these exclusive schools? It's not an accident that many parents in Charleston County have little knowledge of the existence of magnet schools or how to get into them.

Anonymous said...

Nancy McGinley abused and bullied her partner for 17 yrs. until that woman finally escaped the madness, in 2009. Why would McGinley do anything for the "goodness" of others (especially when she's paid big bucks to virtually sit on her ass and do nothing) when she can't even be a kind humanitarian to the woman she professed to love. You can't make this up, folks. McGinley is a deviant offender. She has more skeletons in the closet than all the Halloweens in history.

I dare anyone in Charleston County to search the whereabouts of McGinley's ex- wife (Jane Lyon- Northampton, Mass) and ask her what her life was like for 17 years. You will be astonished beyond belief.

McGinley= fraud, martyr, bully, abuser, alcoholic, narcissist, womanizer, bully, control freak, cheater in work and in the bedroom, hate monger, bully, show boater, mean girl, wannabe intellectual, wannabe star...but really all he amounts to is a laughable parody of herself.

You can have her Charleston. She's not going anywhere anyway. The rest of the country would never give her an ounce of respect. They would laugh in her face. But you really need to hear it from her ex partners mouth. McGinley is guilty of criminal activity starting with the physical abuse of her loving partner of 17 yrs. Find that woman in Mass. Interview her and finally understand who this deviant superintendent really is. It's enough to make you defect from the south. Arne Duncan would be awed and shocked. She fooled him, she fooled the board and she fooled her ex and she fooled the Broad foundation. This woman needs to be stopped and held accountable. Ask her about her daily alcohol intake. Is that the kind of leader you want for your children? The shit is ready to hit the fan. Jane Lyon remains in a medical critical condition. It's time to rally for the victim. She will be dead in hrs. McGinley will pay the price.