Thursday, September 12, 2013

Puzzle of CCSD's Transfers and Redistricting Mt. Pleasant Attendance Zones

Everyone knows that Mt. Pleasant's elementary and middle schools are overcrowded. At a meeting to discuss redrawing of attendance lines, one parent asked why the Charleston County School District didn't plan in advance for these students as the housing was developed. 

Heavens! She must come from a place where school boards actually plan for the future. I thought tales of such places were apocryphal!

More mysteriously, two parents say that they have already transferred their children out of their attendance zones: one from Whitesides and Laing to Mt. Pleasant Academy and Moultrie; the other from Park West schools to Jennie Moore and Laing. These aren't magnet or even semi-magnet schools, so why the transfers? How many other parents in Mt. Pleasant have behaved similarly?

The whole transfer business in CCSD opens a can of worms. For example, why do the majority of students attending Memminger not live in its attendance area? Parents wanted in to a failing school? Why do so many students attending Burke High/Middle live outside of its attendance zone? It's a failing school also. 

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Hungry Neck Observer said...

The Post and Courier reporting of this event was weak and inaccurate. If you didn't attend the meeting and only read what the paper printed, you would have thought there was all but total acceptance, or at the very least, resignation toward accepting the final plan. The TV news following the meeting told a very different story. It's hard to doctor the video feed, but anyone can spin a printed newspaper article. The P&C education report on the public meeting, just like the press releases from CCSD, lacks credibility.