Monday, September 23, 2013

CCSD's McGinley Tone Deaf on Burke's Heritage

Burke High/Middle School, under cover of Executive Session, when its community cannot hear or comment, will be turned into a training center for daycare workers under the guise of "tech" classes.

We can't make this idiotic stuff up! The Charleston County School Superintendent and her lackeys on the CCSD Board of Trustees are so out of touch with the history of education in the county that they think this is a good idea!

The Burke community has begged for years for high-tech classes to be offered at the facility. McGinley instead shuffles a few students over to the Rivers campus so that she can justify forbidding the Charter School for Math and Science from using most of Rivers building. Now she wants to renovate unused space in a pre-"earthquake-proof" building for a massive daycare center so that Burke students can be on the spot to train for low-wage careers as daycare workers. Can anyone say "maids"? Plenty of space for these Pre-K programs already exists in fully renovated buildings.

And she calls this "tech." This is what we get with a Broad graduate from Philadelphia.

How long will it take the community to stop listening to her NAACP lackeys (presumably supporting this development) and demand the superintendent's resignation?

And who's going to call her on the legality of discussing this policy in secret session?

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HdeS Copeland said...

I think even the NAACP would find this proposal objectionable.

If the county school board can support the Wando Sports Medicine CTE program you would think Burke would like to have an equally challenging technical education opportunity. Instead the superintendent recommends minimum wage job training for minorities enrolled at Burke while the high paying ones go to the suburban high schools.

Why not give Burke students a shot at sports medicine careers? Can't get much closer to MUSC than Burke already is, but the superintendent doesn't seem to care. All talk about cooperation with the local colleges, but no action when it counts.

Certified childcare workers? Really? How does a childcare worker's pay scale compare to what a graduate can make who finishes aviation mechanics at Stall or sports medicine at Wando? Why are there no other CTE programs at Burke? - Henry Copeland