Friday, August 02, 2013

Same Old Problems Surface in School Report Cards

No more TV for you. I'm taking that cell phone. Furthermore, you're grounded until those grades improve!

Don't we wish we could enforce those penalties with our local school districts?

Take Dorchester 2 and 4, for example. A cursory glance at the graphs in Friday's paper says it all: how did Dorchester County get away with dividing itself up that way?  Why not divide Charleston East and Charleston West and create similar results!

Let's all recall that the PASS was designed several years ago to replace the more stringent standards causing all the state's districts to look bad. It was aptly named for its goal: everybody should pass; unfortunately, its designers still put the bar too high to accomplish.

Really, for Charleston County the headline should read,"Burke High scores sink once again!" This result despite special contracts and bonuses and incentives to its administration. CCSD's attempts at North Charleston High didn't fare any better. Remember, the state poised for takeover of these two schools but trusted Superintendent McGinley with making improvements. An inconvenient truth. Parents at both schools should be up in arms.


Anonymous said...

A lot of money to be paid for a decrease in results at Burke and NCHS. Three-year contracts, too.

Alex Peronneau said...

How about the board awarding bonuses, extending contracts and giving raises to the superintendent over the past 12 months? Does the board have the backbone to say what they should have said? "No more! You're grounded!" Talk about mixed messages...we'll give everything you want now if you promise to deliver something (not sure what) later.