Tuesday, August 20, 2013

CCSD Bus Schedules That Shame

Would you let your kindergartner stand waiting for the school bus next to busy Highway 17 at 5:40 in the morning? That's what will happen on St. James Santee's Route 107 every morning. The late bell rings at 7:45, two hours later.

How about the kindergartner who must catch the 5:31 bus on Laurel Hill's Route 242 and travel three miles to a school that begins at 7:40? That's another two hours.

Then think about the five year olds who anxiously await the 5:29 bus for the Route 617 trip to Ashley River Creative Arts magnet program three miles away. They win the prize for the earliest pick up and longest wait--two and a half hours--to begin school at 8:00. Must cut down on the numbers coming from Forest Lakes!

These schedules are all about Durham's (and CCSD's) cutting the cost of bus transportation. Of course, the total cost of busing remains a mystery as transparent as the Sphinx.

Meanwhile, those exhausted five year olds from Highway 17 North are scheduled for drop off at 3:14, making a round-trip day for them of nine and a half hours.

Sure, some parents stay with their kids and some drive them to school at a reasonable time. It's usually the poorest among us who can't.

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Hungryneck on the Bypass said...

I thought it was against the law in SC to require children of a certain age to wait for a public school bus before 6:00 in the morning. Tell me if that is incorrect. How can it be good for any child to be on a bus for much more than an hour in either direction? Some of these students are spending upwards of 3 and 4 hours a day on the bus. Bad, bad, really bad planning.

We have too many children taking subsidized buses to attend magnet schools while traditional neighborhood schools and the students who attend them continue to suffer. No child, regardless of age, should be waiting for a school bus 2 hours before the start of school. The people who think this is OK are nuts.