Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Don't Credit CCSD with Plethora of Charter Schools

Some readers of the Wednesday morning paper must have puzzled over the large number of charter schools that are coming to the Lowcountry this year and next. Even those with short memories can remember Superintendent McGinley's over-my-dead-body attitude about the Charleston County School Board's approving more charters, her mantra's being, "they take money away from other schools in the district."

The reporter never clearly identified how all these schools came into being. She knows perfectly well what the district's policy has been, so why the reticence?

Of all new charters mentioned, only one has the approval of CCSD--the one open to students residing in Charleston County. All of the others, open to any student residing in South Carolina, have been vetted by the state charter district without any cooperation from CCSD.

Let's not give McGinley good publicity for the work of others. Misleading? Disingenuous?

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