Monday, June 15, 2009

Students' Thinking Outside the Box--Literally

Ever been in a portable classroom, i.e., "trailer"? Many of the ones I've seen have been horrors. Despite the teacher's best efforts, the room remains a box with seats in it.

So I was glad to see that one architectural firm consulted students (and their teachers too, I hope!) at the Charleston Development Academy about designing a student-friendly atmosphere for one [Brainstorming a Model Classroom]. Architects learned what students desired, while the students learned how a brainstorming session could translate into real-world action.

According to the article,

"Later this fall, they'll find out if they've won — and whether the prize money will help get it built. The overall budget is expected to be about $100,000.

"School administrator Cecilia Gordon Rogers hopes it's a winner. The school's enrollment was about 134 this year and is expected to grow to 150 next year, placing a strain on the old Septima P. Clark building at the public housing complex.

"'We have totally grown out of our space,' she says. 'We're looking forward to building this.'"

The rest of us hope Liollio Architecture's entry is a winner also, as Charleston Development Academy continues to show that public charter schools can make a positive difference for at-risk students.


Anonymous said...

Despite the obvious lack of style and being relegated to a remote part of campus, I liked my trailer at a Berkeley County high school. It meant the administration and department heads tended to leave us alone to do our work without interuption. And we did. Ok, they checked in every now and then. It might have been Siberia to some, but to others it was our version of the academies of Athens. Who needs main building politics when the entire universe is being explored from our tin box on the back forty?

Babbie said...

Point taken!