Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ancestors Speak from the Grave at Charleston Event!

Yesterday, one of black icons, Booker T. Washington or Frederick Douglass, spoke from the grave. This indeed is startling news, and I'm shocked that the P & C didn't present THAT news in its top headlines!

See Ancestor of Black Icons Is Thankful in both its on-line and print versions for the latest news from the grave.


Jerry said...

I once wrote headlines and edited newspapers for a living. It isn't as easy as you might imagine. I guess Descendant just didn't fit. Too many letters.

Clisby said...

This is not nearly as amusing as the article in Thursday's paper that described Charleston-native painter Louis Remy Mignot as "one of few Southern landscape painters to attend the Hudson River school."

It doesn't say whether he graduated.

Babbie said...

Jerry, I know copy editing has its horrors--I've done it, but I would hope that an editor would have caught this mistake.

Clisby--that's a great one! Maybe we can start a blooper book.