Tuesday, June 02, 2009

CCSD NCLB Transfers Also Opaque

Transfer to where?

Charleston County schools that students can transfer from:

Elementary: Boykin Academy, Burns, Charleston Progressive, Chicora, Frierson, Goodwin, James Simons, Jane Edwards, Mary Ford, Memminger, Midland Park, Mitchell, North Charleston and St. James-Santee.

Middle: Alice Birney, Baptist Hill, Brentwood, Burke, Haut Gap, Jane Edwards, Frierson and Morningside.

High: Baptist Hill, Burke, North Charleston and Stall.

Why is half of article missing?


Anonymous said...

With Fraser closing and Sanders-Clyde showing up as a possible addition to the list of failing schools, should we be surprised that every downtown school is on Dr. McGinley's growing list of failing schools? Oh, I forgot, Buist isn't, but then downtown kids can't get into Buist and it doesn't have to take NCLB transfers, not even those who meet the academic qualifications.

And the rest of the report? Yes, we should know the names of those schools that are supposed to accept NCLB transfers. Is the right to choose a school really as open as CCSD wants us to believe. No. They get to choose, not the parents. No wonder NCLB is such a failure. Just like the growing number of failed schools and programs under Dr. McGinley.

Anonymous said...

You are so right, 11:40. Is it mentioned anywhere that most of the "good" schools are in Mount Pleasant, and "maybe" students from "failing" schools in, for example,Charleston County School District 4 could transfer there? Duh, I don't think so. East of the Cooper residents with children in school there would be up in arms and so would the teachers. If I sound a little angry, I am. There are good teachers, and there are good schools on the list of "failing" schools, so WHAT MAKES THE DIFFERENCE between schools on that list and schools who aren't on the list? CCSD will never, ever address the true reason nor will it ever help solve the problem under the current superintendent/school. board.

Anonymous said...

Students leaving north area high schools are pushed to go to West Ashley rather than Wando.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info, 9:11. It shouldn't surprise me that students leaving North area high schools are pushed to go to West Ashley rather than Wando. Wonder why that is?????---Distance? Yeah, right!!!

Anonymous said...

Someone should remind Ruth Jordan and Chris Fraser that "steering" customers into certain locations while avoiding others in a real estate transaction is against the law. So much so a real estate agent/broker can have their license lifted without a hearing.

So how is it these real estate "equal opportunity" professionals can "steer" low income and minority students into certain schools under NCLB while keeping them out of others? We should see a breakdown of those students CCSD sends to one school over another.

Better yet, while posting ads in the P&C, we should know what CCSD is really doing to make the NCLB transfers so difficult for some and easy for others. Does race and family income have anything to do with this double standard. You bet!

Steering students under NCLB should be no less illegal than "blockbusting" or "redlining" which is an apt description of what CCSD has done for years.

Anonymous said...

Good analogy, 10:41. Double standards abound in the school system, but that will never be addressed.