Monday, February 16, 2009

Unreported Stories About CCSD's Machinations

Call it loss of staff, or call it loss of interest. Whatever deserves the blame, the Post and Courier has ignored at least three stories making the rounds in the Charleston County School District:
  • Students now at Fraser will be forced to move three times (from Fraser to Archer to the new Sanders-Clyde) because the City of Charleston wants the current Fraser Elementary for use as a police academy. True or not true?
  • District 20 constituent board members are being railroaded to accept new district attendance lines without input from the communities they serve or the information they need for informed opinions. And the changes to boundaries are top secret, right?
  • While promising an explanation to District 20 residents over the removal of grades 7 and 8 from Charleston Progressive, Superintendent McGinley continues to be as absent from class as, well, a truant. Would you place money on District 20's ever getting an explanation? Not me.


Anonymous said...

Did anyone catch this? Guess how much the Charleston County School District will get over the next two years as a result of the Federal Economic Stimulus Package just signed into law. That's over and above what it's already getting. Well, the published reports on-line (thanks to our friends in Seattle for the link) show Charleston on the receiving end of some $46,637,400 for Title One, Construction and IDEA funding. Again, that's $46 million more than they would have received just for giving us more of the same.

We take the cuts in our schools, see class sizes expanded and the administration gets fatter. Now the Feds want to help the local economy by feeding these pigs more cash while our school system is in a mess.

Who's watching this. I don't care for Sanford, but what McGinley and her super majority on the CCSD are doing is the kind of crap that make idiots and no-nothings on the extreme right look like wise old sages.

Anyone for an audit BEFORE McGinley, Bobby and Lewis get their hands on the Federal Cash? By the way, when is the administration going to cut some of their positions? Like the bait and switch on the sale of 75 Calhoun, even if they bring it up for discussion, it's not going to happen.

Barring a real audit, maybe we should just write President Obama and tell him what a mess this group will make of his stimulus without a monitor, preferably one with a big stick.

Anonymous said...

The reference to how much money the Charleston School District will receive is found on page 216 of the report on the House Appropriations Committee draft for education spending included in the "Amercican Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009". This is the link:

Anonymous said...

One more try.

If this doesn't work maybe someone else can give it a try.