Saturday, February 28, 2009

Go Fraser! Get Some Answers from CCSD

Heard in passing on the TV news last night: a group of parents from the soon-to-be-closed Fraser Elementary are suing CCSD. No one likes the idea of taxes going to pay for CCSD's legal expenses, but, let's face it, when a district behaves like that of Charleston County, what other choice do concerned citizens have?

Children now at Fraser will be moved first to the Archer building next fall and then to the new Sanders-Clyde when it is ready mid-year. Parents want some answers:
  • Why two moves?
  • What will become of the Fraser building? [Rumor has it that the city wants it for a police academy]
  • Who's looking out for the Fraser children at 75 Calhoun?
  • Why are district figures on the attendance zone and students living in it unavailable, to the point that District 20 residents have been forced to file a FOIA request?


Anonymous said...

Thanks for getting this out. The administration wants us all to think everything is fine and the Fraser parents are as happy as can be.

Underdog said...

I doubt CCSD has heard the last of the Fraser parents. It's crazy for those students to have to move twice. Those communities have been separated for decades by a bridge and fence and those children need time and guidance before they merge.
It's no rumor, the Mayor (I guess we could say he is "the City") wrote a letter to CCSD asking for Fraser for his Police Academy. Yet, Dr. McGinley swears to parents Fraser will be used as swing space, not a Police Academy. Parents should get that in writing, don't you think? And it won't be used as swing space next year, so why the rush?
The sad thing is Fraser parents have known the plan was to merge the two schools while Dr. McGinley continued to state "that's never been discussed." Just be honest, Dr. McGinley. Archer has no room, Fraser has plenty, and last time I checked wasn't on a "dangerous" sink hole like the old Sanders-Clyde. If the plan was to merge these schools, why didn't we move the Sanders-Clyde kids to Fraser? Why can't we have someone with some common sense making decisions for our children? Or at least someone who can think more than 6 months in advance?

Anonymous said...

Good observations and questions, Underdog.

I'll add some of my own. Do the city council members know about the mayor's plans for a police academy? Why is the mayor wanting to start a new police academy here when the state operates a very good one in Columbia for every police department?

The state training academy is virtually free for all new officers sent for extensive training from every city in the state. It's free because it's funded through court fees tacked onto every ticket issued in the state. How's the mayor planning to pay for taking his academy private?

Sell no more school properties until we know what's cooking in the kitchen.