Wednesday, February 04, 2009

'Splaining to Do over Stuffing Archer Building

Maybe it's a mathematical deficiency. After all, not everyone really absorbs the meaning of numbers. Nevertheless, Charleston County Superintendent of Schools McGinley had months to figure out how many students could be stuffed into the Archer campus that Sanders-Clyde is using while it awaits completion of its new facility.

First, in her initial School Redesign proposal McGinley seemed to believe that somehow all of the Charter School for Math and Science students would fit into the building. Now, she seems to think that all of the students at Fraser can join the Sanders-Clyde throng at Archer next fall, even though the total exceeds building capacity. But wait--

She wants to crush some of the students displaced from the seventh and eighth grades at Charleston Progressive Academy into the mix.

What is this? Is she trying to see how many students she can stuff into a phone booth?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

There's NO ROOM at Archer. I assure you.
While their packing our kids in Archer like sardines with no common sense involved in their "planning", will they be increasing the class size at Buist Academy like they plan for the rest of the district?