Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Members Show Colors on Charter Schools

Where was Ann Oplinger Monday night? Somewhere so far into the galaxy that she couldn't even reach a telephone to vote? Maybe the color of her flag was yellow.

So it would appear from the 4- 4 tie vote from the Charleston County School Board on the granting of charter status to Drayton Hall Elementary School at Monday night's meeting. Having failed to get a majority, the Board will meet again on December 1. [See School's Request to Convert to Charter Denied]

Will Oplinger attend? Will she be able to use a telephone?

Following CCSD Superintendent Nancy McGinley's lead to vote against charter status were staunch charter school supporters (not!) Toya Hampton-Green and Ruth Jordan and newly-elected members Chris Collins and Chris Fraser. Golly, what a surprise.


Anonymous said...

Looks like the editors pulled the article before Wednesday's newspaper went to press.

Anonymous said...

And they pulled the article where Chris Collins has gone to the delegation brother members saying he wants the pay to go from 25 dollars to 200 dollars a meeting because he can't live on 25 dollars a meeting. I guess we see what he is all about

Anonymous said...

You mean Chris Collins didn't know before he ran for the seat school board members only got $25 per meeting!! Somebody must have also told him by now that Charleston County residents aren't really allowed to enroll their kids in Berkeley and Dorchester County schools. So where are all the school age children in Charleston County really going to school? I guess he's saying it will take at least $200 a meeting for him to find out.

Anonymous said...

Oh he knew the pay was 25 dollars. He thought his "brothers" would take care of him. Even Hillery told someone that people need to watch their money around him because he can't be trusted what with 7 recorded law suits against him and 5 judgements filed against him

Anonymous said...

Sounds like we may have actually found someone to fill Hillary's shoes. And that's not a good thing. Silly me, I thought anyone was better than Hillary.