Saturday, November 29, 2008

CCSD Special Meeting Called; Oplinger Hiding


Saturday's P & C reported the Charleston County School District Board of Trustees' vote on making Drayton Hall a charter school. The story had been held since last Tuesday. [See Drayton Hall Elementary in Limbo on $2M Charter Question.]

Perhaps the reporter spent those days trying to reach still-missing-in-action new Board member Ann Oplinger. According to the story, "Ann Oplinger, who wasn't at the meeting, could not be reached for comment." Meanwhile, member Gregg Meyers waffles.

The Board has scheduled a "Special Meeting" for December 3 at 4 p.m., presumably the one Green originally suggested for the 1st. That tidbit wasn't in the P & C, but CCSD's website now lists the notice.

Let's hope charter school supporters make it their business to be there.


Anonymous said...

Ann is probably traveling, wondering what she was thinking when she allowed Joe and Gregg to convince her to run for school board.
Now that Gregg has admitted he may change his mind as only a true politician can, it will be interesting to see if he does. Or will he just let Ann be the one to decide the vote?

Anonymous said...

I'm confused. Dr. McGinley opposes the Drayton Hall Charter school for numerous reasons, one being that it will cause neighborhood residents to adhere to a lottery. HELLO?? What have downtown residents been doing for 20 years, woman?
Secondly, how did Bobby Harrell get Orange Grove out of this? Does anyone remember?
I say, Go Drayton Hall! Go John Cobb, Baptist Hill graduate, you make us proud!

Anonymous said...

Making Drayton Hall a charter school is a great idea. Well, it's a great idea if you don't mind that it will cost ccsd an additional two million dollars a year that they don't have. Also, when they send their overflow to the three other near by schools, it will cause overcrowding, discipline issues and lower test scores in those schools. Drag down three schools to build up one, sounds like great math to me.