Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Can Green Surmount Past as Ventriloquist's Dummy?

"She's hoping to make changes to the board's meetings and agenda, such as allowing the board to have more say in what is discussed rather than [Charleston County School] district staff making those decisions." That's what newly-elected Board Chairman Toya Hampton-Green told the P & C's reporter in Tuesday's New School Board Members Installed.

District staff have been making agenda decisions? Why?

Let's see Green tear off the shackles of lockstep thinking with Vice Chairman Gregg Meyers. Too often her remarks have kowtowed to His Mightiness. That would be change.

She can signal that she's her own woman by proposing, and lobbying for, changing the Board's rules regarding adding and removing items from the agenda.


Anonymous said...

Toya Green might as well be sitting on Gregg Meyers' knee like a wooden doll. As Chairman and Vice Chairman respectively, we can guess who's really pulling the strings and calling the shots. Now we have 2 corporate defense lawyers at the helm of one of the most legally challenged school systems in the country. Isn't that special. Now wonder the legal community likes this team, every one has a chance to put their hand into the till with excessive bond issues, unnecessary legal challenges and poor risk management. Too bad we can't have people in those board seats who know a little more about teaching in a regular classroom or have experienced local schools on the front lines and from a non-magnet perspective.

Anonymous said...

Oh..wait...someone who knows about teaching and experienced a non-magent setting? That would be Marvin Stewart.