Sunday, July 09, 2006

Who IS Mr. Big? Too Big for Us to Know!

While I was on vacation, a storm continued to brew over one of Charleston County's magnet schools, Buist Academy on the penninsula. Imagine! While one in every two students in the County drops out before high school graduation, the rich are using subterfuges to get their children into a downtown public elementary school. And I do mean rich, as in millionaire, for what else could someone be who pays primary-residence taxes on a Sullivan's Island home and owns 15 downtown properties, one of which he has claimed as a primary residence to get his kindergartener on a special list increasing the child's chances of acceptance to a free school.

This man, who is either a tax cheat or a liar, or both, CANNOT BE NAMED IN THE PAPER. That's how big he is. More to come....

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