Friday, July 28, 2006

Buist Again and Again--Painful, Isn't It?

Sorry, I usually put in the headline from the Newsless Courier here, but since the story has not appeared yet (if ever), we'll have to forgo that part.

Okay, so that IS my complaint this time. On the local TV news (hardly a place I expect to get much in the way of real news besides accidents and fires), I learned that the District 20 constituent school board met earlier this week to discuss 17 questionable addresses in the accepted 40 kindergarten students for Buist Academy(remember 20 are taken from the list--see previous post on "Buist--A Magnet for Millionaires").

The TV reporter even went to an address on Tradd Street and spoke to the resident, who said on camera that no potential kindergartener resided there.

Then CCSD reportedly said that it was confident in its vetting of the home addresses of its list of 40.

Where is the Newsless Courier in all of this?

Missing in action!

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