Thursday, July 20, 2006

"So Much the Unfairness of Things"

How often is a college varsity quarterback suspended from playing football for a year because of plagiarism? A freshman varsity quarterback? One who graduated from a real private school, where even the bottom third of the class manages SATs over 1100? [You are looking at the football field of Xaverian Brothers High School in Massachusetts.] Not one of the Prince Avenue Preps? It's got to be a first!

Pity Zack Azack. He takes full responsibility for his actions, as he should. The terse AP article in the Sports section of today's Newsless Courier does not disclose exactly what happened, but at least this time, lack of detail is not their fault--no news source has those details--yet. My best guess is that this freshman having a super year as a starting quarterback got in over his head with time management, was too proud to admit same and ask for help, wrote an important paper at the last moment that ended up plagiarizing sources, and was caught (probably by one of the got-cha computer programs utilized by many high schools and colleges today).

I'm sorry, but I have a VERY hard time imagining such a penalty's coming from Clemson or Auburn.

Duke now rises in my estimation--even if I did attend Carolina! Apparently it is one school where athletics do not rule over academics.

I suspect one of a dying breed.

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