Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Scarey Headlines Will Not Solve Berkeley School District Problems

"ARE STUDENTS SAFE IN BERKELEY SCHOOLS?" screams the above-the-fold front-page headline. Are you kidding me? They're as safe there as anywhere else and maybe more so.

Anything to sell dying newspapers.

Each of two teachers at Cane Bay High were spending time alone with a student behind closed doors. 

What planet does its principal live on? Any teacher of either sex who spends time alone in a room with a student of either sex begs for trouble. The only question the reporter should have asked is why the high school doesn't have an "open door" policy drummed into the heads of its personnel.

These are sad stories about incidents that should not have happened.The remaining question is what qualified ex-Mt. Pleasant police officer and Assistant Principal Paul Jette Herman for his job.

See berkeley-county-schools-face-scrutiny-for-handling-of-sex-abuse-cases   

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