Sunday, October 02, 2016

HaLevi's Letter Shows Inconsistency in CCSD Policies

Remember all of the hoo-ha over Clark Academy's ex-Principal Andrew HaLevi's treatment of the dress code at that school? Some unstated factor must underlie the recent disparity in treatment received by Principal Ryan Cumback under similar circumstances--disparity in treatment by both the Charleston County School District and the editors of the P & C.

But HaLevi himself should explain the situation, as he does in this Letter to the Editor:
Letter: Varying support
Oct 2 2016  
I was pleasantly surprised to learn that the Charleston County School District (CCSD) has supported Principal Ryan Cumback after a recent dress code controversy at Moultrie Middle School.
Not only did district representatives release a statement supporting Mr. Cumback, but a spokesperson also appeared on radio and other media outlets to defend him. It must be nice to receive such support. 
As the former leader of Clark Academy, the CCSD’s program for overage and at-risk high school students, I faced a similar dress code controversy in April. 
Instead of receiving support, the district was silent, opting to replace me despite internal district documents that supported my account of the episode and an unblemished eight-year record of leadership in one of the district’s most challenging schools. 
While genuinely happy for Mr. Cutback, I am utterly perplexed by the district’s inconsistent and incoherent responses to such similar episodes. 
I am further perplexed that The Post and Courier covered the recent Moultrie Middle School controversy with an online article only (Facebook Post about Moultrie Middle School student’s skirt goes viral, Reignited dress code debate, Sept. 23), while the Clark episode has been covered in four front-page articles over the span of four months 
Apparently The Post and Courier news division and the CCSD media relations department got the same memo: Mount Pleasant school principals deserve more support than administrators from other parts of the district.
Andrew HaLevi, Ph.D.
Wesson Avenue
Hello! The student HaLevi supposedly mistreated is black. When race enters the equation, equal treatment flies out the window in CCSD. Our local rag just follows its lead.

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Anonymous said...

Another difference is the fact that HaLevi sent a girl home without pants on. The Moultrie principal handled the situation w/ the girl's parent present.