Tuesday, September 06, 2016

With Waldorf, Charleston Reaches Critical Mass of Progressivism

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With tongue-in-cheek, the Atlantic four years ago titled an article, "Is This Grade School a Cult? (And Do Parents Care?). See  Is This Grade School a Cult?

It's a weird charge to make regarding an elementary school that has branches all over the world with trendy parents fighting for places in progressive capitols such as New York. Yet if you read the background to this granola-based educational method, you can easily see the reason: it originally drew inspiration from a form of theosophy. Think communicating with the dead.

In the anti-tech world of Waldorf (name from a German manufacturer, not a hotel), children learn to read at eight or nine because their earlier education revolves around activities such as carpentry. Seems harmless since most of its middle-class students whose parents can pay the freight will learn from their relatively enriched environments anyway. Maybe some parents are even tuned to the "spirit" of the Waldorf.

Charleston County truly has arrived as a trendy place to live. The sole puzzle is why the school is in West Ashley instead of Mt. Pleasant.

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