Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Elected to Give Up Powers? CCSD Board Forging New Ground

While the Charleston County School District's Board of Trustees has sometimes acted like the gang who couldn't shoot straight, the new governance plan proposed by outside consultants appears to strip them of almost all responsibilities. And they are the only voice that taxpayers have in the district.

"Appears to strip" because so far the proposal has so little detail that no one could make a judgment whether it is good or bad. 

See charleston-county-school-board-could-redefine-its-role 

The most obvious question is where the Board gets the authority to change its role in the district. Citizens did not vote for board members based on their vows to give up responsibilities to the superintendent. 

How does giving up responsibilities affect the role of constituent boards, also elected? Do they give up powers also? Was this the vision contemplated when the Act of Consolidation became law so many decades ago?

Voters should query this year's school board candidates: do yon plan on giving up responsibilities to the superintendent?

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