Monday, August 29, 2016

College of Charleston Sinks to New High Among Party Schools

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Is this what going to college means today? The College of Charleston has risen to No. 15 on the Princeton Review's list of "party" schools. Say what you like about the Princeton Review, it's usually accurate.

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Back in the dark ages when I graduated from one of Charleston's best high schools, St. Andrews, the CofC's reputation as an excellent small college was secure. "Partiers" looked elsewhere. There was no thriving bar scene downtown.

The law says the drinking age is 21. Most students at the College are under 21. So how did we arrive at such a thriving bar scene? 

Hint: you can't blame the tourists.

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Tony Geinzer said...

I don't like to start a new old drum, but, Iowa City started the Good Bad Bar for everyone else to dare. Being in a labyrinth period where'd you'd have the same people having a party at 30,40,50, or 60 and they aren't townies like before, and it is not a good image. The commitment to professionalism is lost at this time, and some people would max Social Media to making money, but, the cost of not trying to try for a GED after Dropping Out from High School not contributing is even worse.