Thursday, August 11, 2016

C of C Prof. Robert Dillon, Hero to Those Who Hate Pushing Paper

The College of Charleston has removed a long-time biology professor for his refusal to comply with writing specific "learning outcomes" for his course syllabus. Biology Professor Robert Dillon had been teaching at the college for 34 years! 

Wonder what ever happened to academic freedom? He does.

Every teacher who has grimly faced the task of keying lesson plans to such objectives roots for him to succeed in his lawsuit against the College. Dillon even had the temerity to include a Woodrow Wilson quote on his syllabus! How subversive.

Let's see: does this lesson include LO5.a and 7.b, or should it be classified as LO10.c?

What's wrong with college today?  Where to start? Perhaps here, where the accrediting agency will care less whether Dillon inspires students and provides a solid course than whether the outcomes exist on paper. No one has suggested that his classes are sub par.

When you hear of outrages occurring in college classrooms, not handing out student learning outcomes is hardly at the top of the list.

Shame belongs on those college bureaucrats, not Dillon. 

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