Thursday, June 16, 2016

P&C's Letter-to-Editor Choices Deteriorating in Quality

We all understand that our local paper cannot publish every letter it receives. Also, we acknowledge that whoever selects those for inclusion follows the biases and prejudices of its editors. 

Fair enough. Even ridiculously partisan or self-serving missives are often educational (perhaps not in the ways intended). However, standards seem to be slipping.

Pat Chapman's letter in Thursday's paper plumbs a new low:
Letter: School board members acting out
Jun 16 2016 12:01 am
The three board members who walked out on a school board meeting remind me of children who didn’t get their way so they have to act out. They have to throw a temper tantrum and tell Mom they don’t love her anymore. If the board is to be taken seriously, its members need to at least act like adults.
I think these men would have been the first to demand integration of schools, but they don’t want to close two schools because they are predominately black. Never mind the savings to the Charleston County School District and the students’ opportunity to attend more racially diverse schools that perform better academically.
When will common sense prevail in our government officials?
Pat Chapman,
Raoul Wallenberg Boulevard
Is this person really that ignorant of CCSD's complexities or just related to one of the editors?

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