Saturday, June 18, 2016

P&C Again Provides Space for NAACP's Darby's Racist Views

"How long, oh Lord, how long?"

The Reverend Joseph Darby, who uses his pastoral position to pursue politics, has an open slot any time he wishes to post his racist vitriol on the Op Ed page of our local paper. His world view is quite simple: all white people are racists, every decision a white person makes is racist, and every organization not controlled by the NAACP is racist. These views took their root in events of sixty or seventy years ago. Darby doesn't understand that the world has changed since the 1960s.

The success of the quite diverse Charter School for Math and Science grates on Darby's nerves every day. How could both black and white parents and teachers organize a successful school without Darby's authorization? There must be a racist plot somewhere, if he could just find it. Now he feels the need to uncover racist plots against teachers let go by CSMS's principal.

His attitude reminds me of the jingle used by John Birchers against the use of fluoride in our drinking water decades ago: 

"It's all a Commie plot, you see, / To get us internally." 

Envision little old ladies in tennis shoes finding a "Red under every bed."

Sour grapes.

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Anonymous said...

At that school the principal is just as vulnerable as the teachers. Exactly how many principals has this school had (and dismissed) in its short existence? And why is the current principal still listed as an "Interim Principal" on the school's website?