Thursday, March 31, 2016

McGinley Thinks CCSD's Non-disparagement Clause Doesn't Apply to Her

Does it look bad that, while you were superintendent of a school district, it ran up most of a $18-million-dollar deficit? You betcha. Charleston County School District's ex-superintendent, she who has never made a mistake according to her supporters, has felt the burn. How else to explain Nancy McGinley's self-serving op-ed in a recent edition of the paper? 

It was all the school board's fault, doncha know?

The present CCSD school board has reacted to her shirking of responsibility--they want to know if McGinley negated the nondisparagement agreement she signed as she got her severance bonus. While she asserts that, "I know of few other school districts that have had as many vehicles in place for keeping the school board up to date and informed about the fiscal issues and challenges," the school board ponders what amount to 2,600 secret changes made to the 2014-15 budget after its approval. 

In fact, a lawyer needs to sort out whether staff behavior was illegal. For example, when someone (still unnamed) forgot to file on time with the IRS, that 2014 half-a-million dollar fine was secreted away in the budget marked "grades 4 through 8."

Board member Tom Ducker expanded the discussion to include exploration of unethical as well as criminal behavior. 

Some actions clearly were unethical. Criminal? 

Stay tuned.

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