Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Firefly More Fly-By-Night in Hands of CCSD Staff

All I want to know about Firefly Digital's Smart Choice application is, how much did it cost? That's top secret.

Parents attempting to use this new application that supposedly makes applying to Charleston County's schools of choice easier have been gobsmacked this winter. Inability to complete applications on line and mysterious emails that the district had to disavow show that either the program cannot handle the needs of the district or that district employees managed to mess up the system because they had little training on how to set it up. 

Take your pick.

Everyone sympathizes with confused parents who are merely trying to do the best for their children, but we've reached a new low when admission to Buist is called a "golden ticket." Even with the new program, as one mother discovered, she still cannot discover where her son falls on its waiting list. 

Seems like old times.


Anonymous said...

Unrelated to this post, but interesting. Re: Broad trained Supts from today's NYT

Oakland District at Heart of Drive to Transform Urban Schools

Anonymous said...

Good Grief, to solve budget constraints instead of getting rid of the 24 people who failed in the TIF grant they want to keep them. So now they are talking about getting rid of master reading teachers and associate reading teachers. This is a program that worked! Looks like CCSD would rather keep failures then successful programs.