Thursday, January 14, 2016

CCSD's Housecleaning Gets Interesting

While taxpayers await the results of the recently-ordered forensic audit of the Charleston County School District, beguiling news issues from the Charleston County Sheriff's Office. It seems that, completely independently of that audit, the interim Risk and Safety manager brought his concerns about that department's accounts to Sheriff Cannon. And the Sheriff's office thought his findings serious enough to pass along to SLED.

"Fraud relating to district funds" in "irregular accounting" would be criminal if true. This suspicion does not fall into the same category as forgetting to file reports with the IRS. 

Interim Risk and Safety officer Michael Reidenbach reported the irregularities. Risk and Safety manages self-insurance funds among other duties. It falls under the purview of CCSD's chief financial officer, in this case, ex-financial officer Michael Bobby. If fraud is established, will anyone be held accountable? 

Hmm. And whom did Reidenbach replace? Someone nameless, apparently.

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