Wednesday, November 18, 2015

CCSD's Lawsuits Piling Up Over Discrimination

Let's not rehash.

Everyone who's paid attention over the last few months has made up his or her mind about whether football players at the Academic Magnet High School knowingly behaved as racists when they smashed watermelons. Yet the fallout continues.

Now another lawsuit has been filed in U.S. District Court against the Charleston County School District. This time AMHS's football coach "claims he was a victim of racial discrimination." The suit alleges that Associate Superintendent Lou Martin and former Superintendent Nancy McGinley "treated him 'in a racially disparate manner as a white male.'" Bud Walpole was "reprimanded, fired, subsequently rehired and forced to take sensitivity training as a condition of his reemployment."

The suit correctly points out two previous cases where "non-white principals were accused of creating 'racially-hostile environments' for white teachers and students." In the 2006 Brentwood case, the principal was found guilty and former teacher and CCSD Board member Elizabeth Kandrac received compensation; however, the principal "was never publicly fired, forbidden from entering the school, or required to undergo sensitivity training."

Double standard?

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