Tuesday, November 03, 2015

CCSD "Can't Get There Yet" on Purchasing Bus Fleet

What is this love affair that the Charleston County School District has with busing? 

One overriding policy for the last dozen years has been to encourage students to leave neighborhood schools--and be bused to others. Thanks to the vagaries of state legislatures, now CCSD wishes to purchase its own fleet of 275. Even assuming that the district will receive "state money to offset the costs," the taxpayers will be socked with a $10.5 million bill. [Why do I suspect that figure would rise?]

Fortunately some CCSD Board members see the impossibility of this expenditure at the moment. After all, this is a district with a present $18 million deficit.

The question remains, is it wise for CCSD to get into the bus business? Why do I suspect the answer is "no"?

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