Sunday, May 03, 2015

Graham: Close Failing Schools to Improve Education

Lindsey Graham's remarks to the SC GOP convention this weekend perfectly exemplify interfering where you don't know what you're talking about. Graham called for failing schools to be closed in order to improve education.

Did Graham even understand that he's calling for closure of neighborhood schools in majority black neighborhoods? Somehow, I doubt that. His idea doesn't seem quite so smart when stated in those terms. And what would make those closures guarantee better education for the students involved? No answer. Did the closure of such schools in the Charleston County School District improve education or improve statistics?

Say, ex-Fraser parents, how's that working out for you? 

Remember how ex-Superintendent McGinley promised to track students affected by her school closures to make sure they were getting a better education? Believe me, if the ruse had worked, we would have heard about the results.

Closing failing schools improves the stats for the superintendent, a trick apparently taught at the Broad Institute. McGinley is still touting how she improved the district, while not revealing how her statistics improved with her closing of neighborhood schools.

Would you believe that, despite McGinley's efforts and her go-along-and-get-along Board of Trustees, Charleston County still has the five lowest-performing schools in the state.  Or, maybe that's because of McGinley's policies. When you contemplate the economy of Charleston County and then compare it to the rest of the state, you can reach only one conclusion regarding CCSD: malpractice!

Stick to foreign policy, Lindsey!

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