Thursday, May 21, 2015

CCSD Board Members Met with McGinley's Choice

Calling for the resignations of all white school board members in the Charleston County School District, the political "clergy" of Charleston (i.e., Joseph Darby and Nelson Rivers III) made themselves look foolish when black board member Eric Mack admitted that he too met privately with Gerrida Postlewait, one of the three originally named as superintendent candidates. Why were members Michael Miller and Chris Collins left out of the loop? As Collins states, he doesn't think the oversight was about race. He's right.

Michael Miller's comments to the reporter stop short, perhaps cautiously, of naming anyone as the instigator. His questions include how the members came to be in contact with Postlewait, whom Miller and Collins had never heard of at the time. As he says, "Someone contacted them in an attempt to familiarize them with a potential candidate."

Gee, who would be influential enough to do that?

If you look at who was excluded--Miller and Collins--the answer becomes obvious and probably is just as obvious to Miller and Collins. Postlewait is a friend of former superintendent Nancy McGinley, who is trying to affect the search so that her influence locally remains undiluted. Miller and Collins have not been enthusiastic supporters of the ex-superintendent. From the local paper's viewpoint, McGinley can do no wrong; hence, Miller avoids using her name.

Violations of the Open Meeting laws are nothing new in CCSD, as any close observer knows. Perhaps there was a bit of an over-reach this time. Entertaining, isn't it?

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Anonymous said...

While never a fan of McGinley, this paranoia about her is becoming borderline absurd.