Monday, March 09, 2015

Deconsolidate CCSD? Depends on Who Gets the Goodies

Rumbling near the surface of discontent, especially in Mt. Pleasant, is the idea that the district is too large, too long, and too distant from its five original constituent areas. Given the way that those areas have developed in the last 40 years, deconsolidating brings up some disquieting questions.

  1. Does North Charleston get the magnet schools now located there? the Academic Magnet? School of the Arts? Military Magnet?
  2. Does the peninsula (District 20) get to keep Buist for its own students?
  3. What happens to the charter schools?
  4. With no industry to speak of and fewer large retail establishments, does Mt. Pleasant get the short end of the stick on sales taxes needed for operating expenses?
  5. Ditto North Charleston. Does it get to keep all its tax revenues for its schools--even raising teacher salaries to be the highest in the area.
How about diverse schools? Will the Office of Civil Rights condone the breakup of a district formed to encourage integration? Will an oversight entity distribute the taxes according to the needs of the new districts and cpunty-wide magnets? Doesn't that sound like what we have now?

Talk about a can of worms!

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