Thursday, October 09, 2014

Who's in Charge: CCSD Superintendent or School Board?

Amazingly, the Charleston County School Board has done something not first pushed by Superintendent McGinley: moved Lowcountry Tech from the Rivers building and voted to allow the Charleston School for Math and Science the use of the building instead of multiple trailers. It's a nightmare!

Well, it's a nightmare for McGinley. What this sensible vote suggests is that her long domination of the Board that is legally her boss may be ending. When did the Board last go against her wishes? Not in my memory.

McGinley is beholden to special interest groups who have no real interest in the education of Charleston County's students. They have a political agenda instead. That political agenda does not allow for a fully-integrated school on the peninsula that they do not control through the superintendent.

It would be nice to say that this disagreement with the elected school board is the handwriting on the wall, but don't hold your breath waiting for McGinley to resign, even if she's reduced to stating idiotically that Burke doesn't have room for the tech programs.

So now CSMS must wait for passage of the not-a-penny sales tax extension?



Anonymous said...

Many CCSMS Principals ago (and there have been many), one of them convinced us (parents) to quietly negotiate for a "shared" Rivers building with Lowcountry Tech. He assured us that an all-or-nothing proposition with CCSD would never result in the renovation of the building. Furthermore, he suggested that if we build our curriculum, increase our enrollment, respect our pledge to a diversified student body, that one day we would occupy the whole building. He was right. And somewhete I hope he realuzes our patience paid off.

Anonymous said...

Re: Anon. I remember. Yes, he was right. Well said.

D20 Parent said...

McGinley is still in charge and it's not a done deal yet. She will try to make the wait as uncomfortable as possible by putting every conceivable obstacle in the way. She will also try to pressure the board into reversing their decision. As long as this superintendent remains in charge, nothing is certain except uncertainty.