Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Kovach Indictment Cramps CCSD's Style on Not-a-Penny Tax Extension

When the Charleston County School District last kicked off its Yes4Schools campaign in 2010, the initial press conference was held at Sanders-Clyde Elementary. What a difference a little fear can make!

This time the press conference's appearance in a vacant lot opposite Dunston Elementary School on Remount Road shed any perceived impropriety that the tax is being pushed by CCSD. The Chamber of Commerce spokesman carefully pointed out that "no school employees were at the campaign kickoff."

Crimping Nancy McGinley's style. Too bad.

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Anonymous said...

Can someone tell me who is the better candidate for Superintendent of Education? I'm not one to vote for the party. I like to do my research and vote for the person, but I can't figure this one out. I'm a teacher and I like Common Core. I don't trust SC to set standards that properly educate our children to compete globally. I want National Standards as a baseline. SC needs to quit "dumbing down the material." But I'm also tired of my children's "supply lists" and "activity fees" which put our family in debt year after year. Is this public education or not? What constitutes public education?