Sunday, February 09, 2014

No Make-up Snow Days in CCSD

Of course, students should go to school for 180 days as required, but the Charleston County School District will not make up the days lost through snow and ice, nor will most other districts.

Why am I so sure in making this prediction? Because schools would make up those days after yearly testing is over.

What's the point of learning anything after those all-important tests occur?


Alex Peronneau said...

The truth hurts. It's all about standardized tests and school report cards. So much for individuals learning outside the box. :-)

Ms.G said...

The make up days were already written into the calendar over the summer before the start of the academic school year. If push came to shove, they could always take away President's day or some other holiday. The days do not have to be added on to the end of the year, they are already accounted for.

Babbie said...

A certain number are always built in, Ms. G, as you know. We're talking about excess days.