Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Initial Charter Success in Hollywood, SC

The Charleston County School District will not approve new charter schools, but the trend marches on regardless, with schools approved by the state charter district. In Hollywood a new charter school involves its 400 students in different styles of learning, hoping to make up its under-funding through fund raising on its own. Superintendent McGinley should read the handwriting on the wall. According to Tuesday's paper,
"Lowcountry Leadership Charter was the only new public school to open in the Lowcountry this fall, and it had a less than ideal start. 
"The charter school is leasing the former St. Paul's Academy building, a shuttered private school, but a roughly $6.5 million renovation and addition weren't finished in August.
"That forced the charter school to open in a church building more than three weeks later than the rest of Charleston County schools, and the school moved two days after that into the former Schroder Middle School building. They stayed there until early December, when their new building was ready.
"After a week, it was like we'd been here a long time," Larkin said. "It's like we hadn't been anywhere else."
"The school will celebrate another milestone this week with an official ribbon cutting, although some construction still isn't finished. The school's cafeteria hasn't been approved for use by the state, so the school has made accommodations, bringing in lunches from nearby restaurants and grocery stores.
"Although this year's changes and moves posed a challenge for teachers and students, it hasn't caused the K-9 grades school to drop its enrollment of about 400 or lose its academic focus. The school plans to expand to grade 12, as well as add on to its building, in coming years."


Anonymous said...

Sounds like this is what they need out on James Island
A charter for elementary and middle.

As a parent I'm tired of the problems out there and the unfairness of it all.. They need a charter or rezoning. All you have to do is look at the students compared to Stiles and Harbor elementary.

Both these schools need a change.


Anonymous said...

Based on greatschools.com rating James island parents should be lucky. It could be worse. Have they checked North Charleston's or West Ashley's elem. and middle school ratings? CCSD needs to improve all of the schools, yesterday. Every time I think about the Superintendent's plans for the school system, I think of her as a CEO of a big company looking out for investors only when the investors have already made what they invested. Admit failure and have a conference with all the charter schools and take what works and implement it(at least parents and educators would know the charter school recommendations works in their schools). CCSD is always, a day late and a dollar short. My wife and I as well as a host of other parents have the middle school dilemma? Charter school lottery or private school(sacrifice for private school). We all pray for a better elementary and middle schools but the current direction stinks. If we can get a backing like everyone that wants to get rid of the current president we could have excellent schools.