Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Surprise! CCSD Super Ignores Neighborhood Planning Team

Strangely enough, the District 20 Neighborhood Planning Team (NPT) took its duties seriously over the last few months and produced a masterful plan to create D20 schools that actually reflect the makeup of its neighborhoods on the peninsula.

No matter. Superintendent McGinley has her own agenda, especially regarding a stand-alone middle school. You see, Burke High/Middle is on the verge of state takeover yet again (can you say, deja vu?). The superintendent has determined to keep Burke's middle school students out of the clutches of a state takeover.

Now, would you believe it, she wants to turn the new Sanders-Clyde elementary school building into a stand-alone middle school, complete with retrofitting that will keep CCSD contractors on the payroll. The plan not only "saves" Burke's middle-school students; it distributes Sanders-Clyde's student body among the remaining elementary schools. Thus, the super can declare she has yet again reduced the percentage of "failing" elementary schools on the peninsula. Masterful.

You can't make a parody of this; it already is.


Clisby said...

Not only that - Sanders-Clyde is one of 4 schools where CCSD plans to offer teachers the chance to work for 20 extra days (with pay) getting special training. Why bother with that if they're going to close the school?

Henry Copeland said...

It would appear the district's intent is to keep the public divided and confused. This observation was suggested following a community meeting last night (Thursday) by a downtown parent. Is it possible the people in charge of the Charleston County School District really have no clue what they are doing? - Henry Copeland

Anonymous said...

Your article is spot on! This is the main reason why the superintendent wants to close Burke's middle school program. This is how she achieves "so call" high improvement ratings. She tried the same thing in North Charleston. The community stopped it in its tracks. By the way, Paul Padron is a master at planning special programs in school for selected students. You won't believe what's going on in his previous school - Haut Gap Middle. CCSD will be in turmoil if the superintendent is allowed to move ahead with her plans. Can you imagine interviewing teachers from 3 schools and trying to place them in schools. This is a ludicrous idea. Frankly, she does not know what to do with so many failing schools. Just wait until Montessori kicks in. The research on Montessori is not favorable for most minorities - especially African Americans. This lady frightens me. I fear for our children's educational well-being.

Alex Peronneau said...

This superintendent has been in charge for almost 6 years. She spent nearly 3 more as the chief academic officer. She's had nearly 9 years to fix the reading problems. When faced with no significant progress, her answer has always been to move the students. She's not fixing the problems. She's hiding them.

She won't track the progress of the children she's moved because she knows the data would show the serious damage that's continuing to be done. Members of the school board have their heads in the sand. They are accepting whatever information she gives them without question. The real numbers don't add up.

We would be right to fear for our children's educational well-being.