Thursday, February 21, 2013

P&C Editorial Ignores McGinley's Motives

I'm always happy to see a sensible editorial in the P & C, especially when its topic is the Charleston County School District. Thursday's agreed with Todd Garrett, CCSD School Board member and downtown parent, that the district should not rush into a decision creating a better middle school on the peninsula (District 20), one that would attract rather than repel most parents, as Burke Middle does at present.

Is the writer naive? The "rush" is to save middle schoolers from any state takeover of a failing school (Burke High/Middle) and to erase another failing elementary school (Sanders-Clyde) from Superintendent McGinley's list of failures.

Some of us could provide a long list of her failures during her decade of leadership in the district. But who's counting?

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Alex Peronneau said...

Individual school board members have finally figured out what these parents and communities already know. Nancy McGinley is motivated by school report cards and how they make her personal performance look. She couldn't care less about individual students or what is best for these school communities. Why else would she be going in opposite directions? She wants middle school students moved to elementary schools in McClellanville. She wants middle school students moved to the high school on Edisto Island. She wants middle school students moved out of the high school and into a stand alone school of their own downtown. She doesn't know where she's going, and neither do we. Message to board members: Wake up! You need to read more than just the data she's giving you.