Monday, August 27, 2007

What Ever Happened to--LaRon Dendy?

What happens to talented athletes who get caught up in diploma mills? Last year the NCAA investigated a "school" in Pickens that was attended by several top basketball prospects. In Monday's P & C, we have a further installment of the story.

"Former Clemson commitment 6'10" LaRon Dendy of Greer will try to resurrect his career at Indian Hills JC, Iowa. 'We're hoping in two years he'll be ready for major college,' said Dendy's former AAU coach Frank Ballenger. Dendy played last season at Hope Christian Academy in Kings Mountain, NC, where he averaged 23 points and 12 rebounds per game, but did not have the grades to be able to accept a major college offer. Clemson and South Carolina will monitor his progress while Dendy has also heard from Kansas State, Texas and LSU according to Ballenger."

For background on this academic situation, see my posts of last year in June and December, Forward to Pickens! and Updating the Old as the New Year Approaches, Part 1 . When last heard of, Dendy was back at Greer High School. Apparently by basketball season he had enrolled in yet another school for academically struggling athletes (as noted above). What the P & C reporter doesn't clarify is that his ineligibility for a "major" college was caused by a combination of grades and SAT scores. Also not clarified is where the tuition money comes from for these private schools.

Maybe in Iowa he'll get the academic background he needs to succeed. As I've said before, too many LaRon Dendys are out there, prepping for athletics instead of getting a decent education. What happens to them when they get injured and can't play? Not every talented athlete makes it to the NBA.


D20 said...

It is unfortunate, but the truth is we are living in a culture that rewards those who can work the numbers in order to achieve what may appear to be short cuts to glory without regard to the long term costs. Greed and immediate gratification trump integrity and perseverance. What is really tragic is that our institutions of learning are becoming the means to teach and validate these perverted lessons among our young people.

Anonymous said...

He's doing just fine...

Anonymous said...

He's playing on the Washington Wizards Summer League team this year.

First game next Friday against the Atlanta Hawks summer league team.