Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Policy, What Policy?

BREC--That's the Blue Ribbon Education Committee to all members of the Democratic party here in Charleston County, the one that's supporting the liberal hopefuls for county school-board seats in the upcoming election. Three weeks before the election, BREC thinks it's pulling out the big guns by criticizing Sandi Engelman for travel expenses paid by CCSD for training sessions. Candidate Sandi Engelman has "considered the source" and called it "'a witch hunt.'"


No doubt she's correct; however, it turns out that our intrepid reporter has uncovered a policy "adopted by CCSD 23 years ago" [that would be in 1983] that is being ignored by the Board. Now, there's the NEWS.

It seems that in 1983, probably in response to a particular problem, the board voted that "all out-of-county travel must have prior approval by a majority of the board, but the board doesn't follow that policy." Doesn't it make you wonder how many OTHER policies the board is ignoring?

Candidate Gregg Meyers, who has been endorsed by BREC, somewhat gratuitously offers that he pays his own expenses because he can afford them more than the district can. Isn't that nice for him? Let's give him a blue ribbon. Taking his idea to its logical conclusion, we see that we need to fill the board with those who can afford to pay their own expenses, you know, like rich people.

Chairwoman (and non-candidate) Nancy Cook said she'd like to see the board come up with guidelines for such spending!

Nancy, why bother? Won't it merely be another ignored policy once the election is over?

Financial oversight is the issue here, not how much certain members have spent. There does not appear to be an explanation for why the board does not follow its own policy now, except that it's just money.

Believe it or not, there are many school boards in, yes, the State of South Carolina, that must report to another official body responsible for their financial oversight. How come ours is autonomous? Oh, must be its great track record.

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