Friday, October 13, 2006

Hit a Nerve, Did I?

It seems that Lowcountryblogs took exception to my posting on the whitewater park story (see below). Maybe they need to step back and look at the big picture at the P & C.

Frequently what lands on the front page, I assume at the decision of the editors, is inexplicable, other than by tortuous logic and/or cynical ruminations. If the cynical explanation isn't correct, then I'd like another one that makes sense. [I wasn't the only one to question the logic of "starring" a park in Charlotte--Elsa McDowell fended off another critic in her response column earlier this week, and the editor's explanation quoted there was lame.]

Here's another case. Today's front page has a screaming headline about the cost of expanding the jail ["Jail Price Tag: $101 Million]. Surely the editors knew that the story about the filings load of state judges being the highest in the country was RELATED to the crowding that's going on ["Chief Justice Tells Panel Judges Smothered by Work"]. Yes?

So, who made the decision to separate the two stories, one for the front page and one for the State and Local section, bottom corner? Couldn't The P & C at least have indicated on the front page that there was a related story inside?

Or are they so dense that they can't figure out that--what was it--something like 80 percent of the prisoners in the jail are waiting to see a judge?

Do you think if we had more state judges we would need less space in the jail?


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