Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Thanks, Bob!

Hats off to Bob Henderson, whose Letter to the Editor in today's Newsless Courier calls the paper to task: he asks, "Does not the press have a [. . . ] responsibility to investigate and inform" the public [in regard to the 15 percent reassessment cap question on the November ballot]?" See below:

Of course, he assumes that the paper's reporters are capable of sorting out the financial impact of the question if it passes. Anyone who has read an article in the Newsless Courier that had a financial angle is probably a doubter in that regard.

Nevertheless, Henderson points out that passage of this initiative "will require poor owners to forever subsidize wealthy owners." I suspect he's right, but why would the editors of this paper care? They ARE the wealthy owners!

I'm waiting for the P & C to disprove his statements and/or release the results of a cap impact study. But, let's face it--Henderson and I have a loooong wait.

The last mention of the cap was in an article on June 18th. We're coming up on three months of ignoring the 300-pound gorilla.

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