Monday, June 05, 2006

Some Answered Questions About TAs

Thanks to a chance conversation and a quick visit to the CCSD website, I am able to shed some light on the neglected details of the preceding news article.

According to a teacher at Alice Burney Middle School, TAs have known "for years" that they must qualify on the ParaPRO; some have simply ignored the requirement hoping to be "grandfathered." Many of these TAs are used for Special Ed. And her middle school had several who were not rehired for next year.

The CCSD website reveals that TAs are used for all levels, including high school. Also relevant to the article is the "minimum of 60 college credit hours" that would allow a TA to opt out of testing. Since these are roughly equivalent to two years of college, that fits with the information on the ETS website. The website also reveals an hourly wage of $10.60 to $13.46 in a NINE-month position (i.e., no pay in the summer) for new hires.

Charleston is not known for its high wages, so that range is not surprising. What cannot be learned from the CCSD website, however, is how long these wages and these requirements have been in effect. I think we can assume not for the 25 years or more that some TAs have been employed!

The real NEWS would have come from those 54 who may be laid off.

What should happen to them when a school district raises its standards?

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