Monday, June 12, 2006

Georgia, Ohio--What's the Difference?

"Church to tackle divisive issues at meeting," Michael Gartland, Faith and Values section, above the fold, June 11, 2006
Notice : Editor asleep at switch. Continue at risk of confusion.
"Leading the way," Jennifer Berry Hawes, Faith and Values section, below the fold, June 11, 2006
The first of these concerns the 75th General Convention of the Episcopal Church; the second, St. Andrew's Mount Pleasant Episcopal, "a diocesan trendsetter" (never mind what that is). Gartland's article clearly points out that the Convention begins in Columbus, Ohio, on Tuesday, June 13th. That's that big city in the Midwest, home to Ohio State? Strangely, Hawes states that "tension is building" as the Convention begins in Columbus, Georgia, where the entire county has fewer than 200,000 inhabitants and a hefty proportion of those are at Fort Benning.
I can see how that WOULD cause some tension, but it would make a good headline: "Episcopalians Debate Gay Bishop Apology at Fort Benning" Makes sense.
Somehow it reminds me of the Katrina refugees who appeared in Charleston, West Virginia, last summer as their overdue arrival was anxiously awaited by volunteers in Charleston, South Carolina.
I mean, once you get east of the Mississippi, it's all the same, right?

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