Tuesday, May 02, 2017

CCSD's Delay, Linger, & Wait on Lincoln HS Replacement

Wasn't it a done deal? Who else in Charleston County thought that the school district was all ready to build a new high school on the land it identified for us as an alternative to the now-closed Lincoln High School? Haven't various members told us just that for almost a year?

So it came as a shock to learn that the district has now retreated to square one because the land--which apparently was never purchased--consists mainly of wetlands. Too bad we're not playing a board game here.. Someone could roll the dice to jump to the patch of land that would be adequate. 

Why did it take so long to identify the property as useless? Why is the present property owner's name top secret? Why has CCSD treated that end of the county in such a careless manner?  It takes years and millions of dollars to build a new high school. 

There'd better be a Plan B!


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